I’ve produced a range of tutorial videos featuring lots of useful watercolour techniques for both beginners and advanced artists. You can watch the videos below, or at the Ann Mortimer Art YouTube channel.

Access to the videos can be purchased permanently or rented for a fixed period. Just click on the blue price icon to see what the access options are in your location (prices vary from country to country, and YouTube does not support paid content in some countries).

Tutorial Series: Sunny Dog Roses (5 videos)

This is a complete tutorial showing you how to produce a finished watercolour of some beautiful Dog Roses.  From composition to first drawing, first wash to painting flower and leaf detail, from mixing colours to finishing touches, I will show you every stage with clear explanations as I paint.

Tutorial Series: Single White Flower (6 videos)

A complete tutorial and demonstration of a single white Clematis flower in a natural background.  I start with masking out, go on to mixing colours, laying a first wash, painting shadows on petals and painting leaves. Every stage is covered and accompanied by clear explanations as I paint.

Complete Tutorial: White Flowers (1 video; 50 mins)

A complete demonstration with clear explanations as I paint of three beautiful white narcissi.  I cover colour mixing, laying a first wash wet in wet, painting clean shadows on white petals, adding detail to the flowers and leaves to produce a final painting of which you would be proud.

Complete Watercolour Tutorial: Painting Glass (1 video; 40 mins)

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to paint a coloured glass vase.  I show you how to mask out details, mix colours, lay a first wash and then bring the glass vase to life by laying in colour wet in wet and wet-on-dry to produce a convincing final painting.  Throughout I give clear explanations as I paint.