It must be my longing for warm sunshine that’s produced this painting.

But we’re going to be doing a snow scene at the studio workshop this Saturday. Plenty of recent experience to draw from!

Old door with roses

Writing this on February 14th and I am so cold and can’t wait for some warm sunshine! Bulbs are poking up in the garden, but they’ve had a quick look around and have decided not to bother and are keeping a very low profile.

I painted this door as I liked the cast shadows from the overhanging rambling rose. My roses have ended up a little dull (I masked them out but I needed to leave more unpainted white paper) but I like the sense of depth that the shadows create.

Snowdrop raindrop 2

With the second painting, I masked out the snowdrops with their leaves and the raindrops. I dropped in a background wet in wet and added salt while still wet. When all was dry, I worked on the flowers, adding tone wet in wet, and the leaves and raindrops.

With this vignette style, you have to make your initial shape with the first wash and then paint within it.
The paintings are nothing like the photo that you see below…but that’s the magic of watercolour!

snowdrop raindrop

Did two versions of the snowdrop today. In the first painting I only masked out the water droplets before laying down a wash wet in wet and avoiding the actual snowdrop flower, leaving it as white paper. I dropped salt into the background while wet to create texture. When all was dry, I worked on the flower, leaves and raindrops wet on dry.