Spring Exhibition at Wysall

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote a blog post here!

You may well have given up on me and I wouldn’t blame you! I guess that many of us have been affected by the strangeness of the last couple of years, but getting back to ‘normal’ seems almost possible now, so here goes…

We are having an exhibition at the art group I joined last year, so if you are in the vicinity of Nottingham, you might like a trip to the lovely village of Wysall.

I am showing some paintings at Wysall Art Fair, which is taking place next Saturday and Sunday, 21st and 22nd May. There will be 10 of my paintings in fact and all at very reasonable prices, and of course there will be lots of work by local artists to see as well.

Here are all the details you need on a poster…and I hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Spring Exhibition at Wysall”

  1. Dear Anne: If I were in England, I would love to attend. I live in California, U.S.A. Best wishes. Joanna Shafer


  2. Replying to Joanna… well I quite like the idea of being in California right now! Thanks for making contact.


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