A Year in Art Lockdown

My last update was regrettably a whole year ago. Apart from living through the Covid pandemic, (unscathed so far and now vaccinated!) a lot has happened to me personally this year to take my mind off painting.

In my family and among my children, there have been two weddings, the birth of a baby boy and an ongoing pregnancy, due in May! So getting down to painting watercolours has had to be low on my priority list.

So it has been a time of great joy but also of underlying anxiety. And like many artists I guess, I have to be upbeat before I feel like painting.

But now times are improving and with Spring well and truly here and lovely colour and life appearing in the garden, I’ve been painting again. Hurrah!

The hellebores are catching my eye right now and this is my favourite one in my garden catching the sun one early Spring day.

Hellebores catching the Sun

15 thoughts on “A Year in Art Lockdown”

    1. Hi Emily So nice to read your words and realise that people actually do read this blog! Thanks for leaving a comment and I wish you and yours well. Stay safe!


  1. I, like you, have to be upbeat to paint. The last year, I’ve found it impossible to paint too. As you say, with spring, I’m now feeling the need to do so. Reading your post as made me realize that I haven’t been alone all these months. Thanks for sharing !


    1. Hi Sandy Yes, it’s been hard and good to know it’s not just me that feels this way. So let’s get the dried up paints revitalised and start again with the nice weather to help us along! All the best to you.


  2. Congratulations on your many blessings during this time of quarrantine! So glad to see you painting again, these flowers are gorgeous!


  3.  Gentilissima Sig.ra Ann Le auguro una buona primavera e Le porgo tanti auguri per i suoi familiari..In questo anno, guardando i suoi tutorials,ho imparato molto e ho ripreso a dipingere dopo aver passato una vita di lavoro come medico in Ospedale.Lei è veramente brava ed i suoi dipinti trasmettono sentimenti dì serenità, grazie ancora.       Valeria Rastelli    Sondalo (So). Italy


  4. I was so pleased to read that I’m not the only one who hasn’t been painting. It’s a year since I picked up a paintbrush and it was worrying me. Yes, I do have to feel good in myself to want to paint again and until I read your email I hadn’t realised this. Now the days are longer and the sun is shining I hope to get some inspiration. Thank you so much for for your thoughts on this.


  5. Your email is timely as we pass onto another year which will hopefully yield many inspired paintings for all of us. Looking forward to seeing and learning from your work. Thank you, Joanna Shafer, Oakland, California


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