Happy New Year!

As I write the wind is howling outside on this bleak January day and so I’m glad to be in my cosy studio.  I wish you all a Happy New Year, a bit belatedly, and hope it will prove to be a wonderful creative one for everyone, including me!

I have been seeking inspiration to paint over the last few months and it has been a fallow time for me.  But I sense an upturn with the new year.  I enjoyed writing the four articles, one for each season, on keeping a garden journal last year for Leisure Painter magazine.  Did you see the articles?  They gave me a chance to enjoy the garden as well as experimenting with keeping a journal.

As I look out on the garden today, I’m reminded of my Winter article.  The starkness of the Winter branches against a grey stormy sky.

A page from my garden journal 

Today the crab apples on our tree provide a touch of welcome colour to the wintry scene.

Another beacon of colour today is provided by the Winter Jasmine, lovely golden speckles against the dark fence behind and a giving us a hint of Spring to come.

adj winter jasmine small
My Winter Jasmine watercolour

I love the way the jasmine gets itself in a tangle and the way the bright yellow flowers stand out against the dark background.

Time to be freshly inspired I hope…!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments with your stories about how you find inspiration to paint.  We should stand together and encourage each other, don’t you think?