Autumn leaves painting

Continuing from yesterday’s post (see below), I did a few quick studies of the Field Maple leaves, as promised.

First I added some water with a brush to the squeezed out paint on my plate and gently mingled the three primary colours so that you can see I have some oranges, greens and blues, purples and browns.  You will have made your own colour wheel!

colour mix
The yellow, red and blue mingled together give us orange, green and purple and brown

I then drew the leaves with pencil…I drew round them to save time.  Yes I give you permission!  Then I painted the whole leaf with a watery yellow as this is the background colour in all the leaves.

While this was still wet, I picked up reds, oranges and browns with my brush and dropped in the colours, observing how they worked on the actual leaves.  Then I picked up the paper and allowed the colours to spread in the wet first wash.

colour moving
Her I tip up the paper to allow the colour to spread down making its own colour mixes within the leaf

With the wrong end of my brush I drew in some veins, looking carefully to see how they worked on the actual leaf.  when you do this, the colour spreads into the marks you have made to create dark coloured veins.

leaves painting adj
My painted leaves

You can see how the paint has blended together to create a very realistic version of the leaves.

You could let this dry thoroughly and then go in again doing exactly the same thing with a second wash of colour to deepen the effects.

And there you have a wet in wet painting of the field maple leaves.  Lovely job!

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