Autumn-a brilliant time to get back to watercolour…

Walking back from the shops this morning through the scattered Autumn leaves in the park, it occurred to me that Autumn is the very best time to start on watercolour painting or to get back to it if you’ve not done any for a while.

Why?  It’s because the colours of Autumn are beautiful!  They are so vibrant and warm and lovely and watercolour is just the best medium for painting Autumn (I’m biased!)

Why is it the best?  Well look at these Autumn leaves…See how the colours blend into each other from yellow to orange to red.  You can paint this effect with watercolour because the pigment moves in the water (if you use plenty of water and plenty of colour).

Autumn leaves
Field Maple leaves have variegated colours in Autumn

September/October has always been a good time to start afresh on a hobby.  Summer holidays are over…Christmas is ages away…the kids are back at school, be they your children or grandchildren…and it’s time to make a fresh start.

Equipment?  Easy…

My advice- buy 3 tubes of watercolour, a red, a yellow and a blue.  Buy one paintbrush (made of a mix of man made and natural hairs), and a 7×9 inch (or similar) watercolour sketchbook (140not) get an ordinary white plate from the kitchen for a palette and you have everything you need.

Here it all is below…plus a pencil and some Autumn leaves.

I’m going to paint a leaf now using this basic kit.

And the great thing is that I will be using the “wet in wet” method.  Its huge fun…come back soon to see what I  did!

Basic equipment for a watercolour painting

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