My Garden Journal

In a few days time, the November issue of Leisure Painter will be in the shops.  I’m excited as there’s an article of mine in it about my new passion of journalling my garden.

With the huge pile of paintings in my studio getting taller by the day, I thought it would be a good idea, for a change, to put my paintings all together in a book, a journal with sketches, watercolours and words.

And as gardening becomes more and more important to me, I’ve chosen that as my subject.

helenium chair crop
A page from the journal with some live flowers 

It’s been fun so far.  I’m free to paint and write about whatever I want to.  It’s great!

I will have another three more articles appearing in Leisure Painter throughout the year, each one depicting a different season.  Can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “My Garden Journal”

  1. Very beautiful journal page and love how you include the colors and plant name as part of the sketch May I ask what journal you use? Some of the journals don’t have the same art grade of watercolor paper I am used to using on and I find it harder to paint.


    1. Hi Meg, I have used 2 journal books both with 140not watercolour paper. Strathmore and (the one I prefer) Stilman and Birn. You can find them online. The latter takes the watercolour best, but still not as well as Arches or Saunders Waterford. But the books open out well and are good to use.


    1. Hi Anne, Yes its difficult to keep it going sometimes, I know. There are long gaps now and again, but its always worth getting back to it. 🙂


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