New Website…New Blog!

Welcome to my new website/blog.  From now on everything is in one place.  Go to Ann Mortimer Art and you will go to this blog and website combined…so much tidier.  And I’m told that this new format reads much better on ipads, phones etc.

The menu is top right with all the usual information but you will initially land on this blog page to get the latest news.

I do have some news.  I’m going to be working with Search press on another book!  More details soon, but for now I am delighted to have a new project to think about.

It’s raining as I write…not what we wish for in June, but the warm weather of a week ago was perfect for my new irises from Cayeux Irises

They have been so looked forward to and are so beautiful!  This one is called Melted Butter.

melted butter

I feel a painting coming on!

I hope you will visit often now that I can write about what’s going on more immediately.

See you soon!




2 thoughts on “New Website…New Blog!”

  1. Ann
    I have been trying to contact you through but it doesn’t go through. I purchase the five Sunny Dog Roses from you when they first came out on line. Last week I had a computer accident and deleted the file in which I stored all my on line purchases of watercolor videos and subscriptions. They are irretievally lost. Can you resend them to me? Thank you so much.
    Marcia Riesz


    1. Hi Marcia, Thank you for purchasing my videos! The way this works is that once you have purchased the video on YouTube, you can access it on YouTube at any time. You just have to go in and find your purchases which should be available for you to access and watch at any time. If you rented the videos, you have them available for 72 hours only, and then they disappear. So if you bought the videos they should be there for you. Ann


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