Ideas, ideas and more ideas…

I’m looking out on to a rather bleak but still beautiful landscape, being battered by strong winds today.  This is a hilltop village, so we have the views but we also are open to the blasts of strong winds which have plagued us this year from the South West.  But not complaining, worth it for the view!

There are two hares sitting in the field in front of me…it’s a field of winter wheat and they seem to be hanging out there during most of the day, sitting there, ears back, perhaps waiting for the Spring to arrive…love this country life!

Anyway here’s something I prepared earlier

This was a half finished demo from a hydrangeas workshop a year or two ago.  Thought I’d put some finishing touches to it.  I love the textures, shapes and depth of hydrangea flowers and the varied tones and colours within them.  Never tire of painting them.
It’s a time of ideas…contemplation, decision making and so on about the way forward for me.  We are looking into renewing my website so that it can include more work and it will mean that I will be able to update it myself without asking a website manager to make any changes.  More filmed painting demos are on the cards which people can download.  And I still am looking at ways to put some course materials on line for learning watercolourists and to offer feedback on their work.
It all takes time though!  These days actual painting is only a fraction of what can be done. The possibilities afforded by the internet are so varied and numerous…you almost don’t know where to start!

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