Getting back to work…

The second blog post within one week!

I’m determined to keep uploading news here and as I’ve actually been in my art room every day, I have something to report.  My new room is now feeling more familiar and I’m more at home in it.  I didn’t understand how long it would take to get accustomed as an artist to a new creative environment…we are such sensitive creatures! Ha!

So I start out on a new piece of work…only to find that my masking fluid has dried up and gone solid.  I thought of the times when I had (gently) chided my students when they hadn’t kept their equipment in good order…” If you painted every day…”!  Masking fluid is famed for being awkward and going hard or lumpy or generally unusable, and there am I not able to paint without going out to the shops and buying more.  Good start!  Aargh!

So I’m spending some time getting used to the routine again.  It’s a case of generally looking through old paintings, riffling through my collection of photos,  relocating my sketch books and finding out where I’d put my stock of paper.

My thoughts are being concentrated by the upcoming SFP exhibition, not til May/June.  So I’m revisiting a painting that was very popular on facebook when I uploaded it last year.

The Daylilies painting receiving some extra attention
It’s of daylilies in my old garden, resplendent in the midday sun.  It was ok but just needed tightening up a bit.  But not too much!
Still working on that…
But last Friday was exciting.  A painting sold on my website.  And the discovery that one of my paintings had been used for a greetings card and I hadn’t been paid for the licence.  So that needed sorting out.  It took the best part of a morning…I wish I had a PA!

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