A Happy New Creative Year to you!

A Happy New Year to everyone!
This blog has been sorely neglected over the last few months due to our having moved house and my having been very busy doing all the various chores that come with setting up a new home.
But here I am sitting in my new art room enjoying a beautiful view over open fields at the back of this new house and I couldn’t be more content!
My view as I paint in my new art room

But here’s a thing. 
Why haven’t  I produced any art for such a long time?  That’s a question I cannot answer and it has been preying on my mind all this time.  Real artists draw and paint every day don’t they?  How has it been possible for me to leave it alone for so long?
Answers on a postcard…or leave me a comment if you have suffered this sort of artist’s block in the past and how you have overcome it.

My poor neglected palette from the last time I painted
Quite beautiful in itself, huh?

My last watercolour painted in June 2015

In the meantime, I’m passing on a piece of important information.
As they are more or less sold out, I have withdrawn my watercolour techniques DVD from sale on Amazon.  There are only a few remaining which can be ordered on my website through PayPal, but no longer via Amazon.
Many people have asked about a second DVD.  Plans are afoot to produce some video material which will be downloadable direct.  No sending off for DVDs, just a click and a payment you will be able to view the video in a matter of minutes, even seconds and it will be there for you to watch again and again.
This takes some setting up though!  But hopefully this Spring will see some watercolour techniques downloads available from AnnMortimerArt. 

6 thoughts on “A Happy New Creative Year to you!”

  1. I started with a small table in front of a window in our sitting room. It really doesn't matter where you paint…the smartest studio can often be a desert of creativity. It's what is in your mind and heart that matters. Thank you for calling in Betty. 🙂


  2. Hi! Is that my friend Dustin? I think so…Happy New Year to you too. Hmmm, yes I think that from now on I will just splurge colour on enamel plates. Do you think Saatchi will buy? 🙂 Have a happy and healthy 2016!


  3. Very good idea to download directly the videocourse from your website. I guess you haven't painted for a long time because you were too busy with the move and you couldn't focus on the new projects too! I work hard everyday and when I get home I am often soo tired that I can't sit and think about painting or sketching, no matter how much I might want to, I just can't. So, I mainly do it on the weekends, when I'm on. Your paintings are always terrific! I'm jealous. Gloria.


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