Clearance Sale….so good to see some good friends again

It was wonderful to see so many friends this morning at my studio clearance sale.  Thanks all for coming to support me in my hour of decluttering need.  We had a good chat too and the choc fudge cake took a battering along with the victoria sponge and carrot cake!

Many paintings have gone at knock down prices and letting them go to good appreciative homes feels really good.  This is a clearance sale so the gloves are off….make me an offer and we’ll see what we can do.  The fewer framed paintings I have to transport the better.

People have been unbelievably generous with their contributions to Cancer Research….I am so pleased.

I’m here til 4pm and tomorrow 10 til 4.

So I might see you!  

Moving House…Moving Studios!

We are moving house and even though I have lived in many different houses in my life, this last house has sheltered us for 25 years.  A quarter of a century!

I don’t think I realised how the process of moving completely stops you in your tracks and seems to put life on hold somehow.  So no paintng, no blogging…just the long wait for things to proceed…

And of course I’m leaving my studio behind and probably I wont realise until I don’t have it any more how much I have loved it.

But today I’m letting you know about an open weekend this coming weekend.  I am needing to shed some of my stuff as I wont have anything like the same amount of room in the new house.  So here’s a little call to those who are local and who might be able to drop in and say hello.  It would be lovely to see you!

Here are some details….

Studio Clearance Sale at 44 Stamford Road 
NG2 6GF (We’re moving house! I need to offload!)
Please call in on Saturday 11 or Sunday 12 April 10am til 4pm
Knock down prices on the following…
BOOKS about Painting by various popular authors (Wendy Tait, Lucy Willis, Mike Chaplin, Jo Dowden, Arnold Lowrey etc.)
 Paintings (framed, mounted, unmounted)
Greetings Cards…
           Card blanks…
                       Polybags for cards…
FRAMES…new and reusable, art materials
Step by Step guides…
My book “Orchids in Watercolour” Reduced Price*
My Watercolour Techniques DVD Reduced Price*
And lots more…Giveaways and Freebies! Have a cuppa while you browse! There will be cake!
25% of takings will go to Cancer Research UK

*For this event only