Work in progress on the daffodils

It was such a sad and disturbing day yesterday with the happenings in Paris.  I was shocked into silence and quiet thoughts as I guess many of us were.

But today is a new day and with gratitude for being safe and at peace here, I am back working on the daffodils.

By the way Hello to the new members who have joined…so glad to have you following!

The daffodils at the window painting has been progressing.

I masked out the brightest areas first.

Then I started in an unusual and quite risky way by laying in the shadows over the whole painting with a mix of ultramarine. some pink and some burnt sienna.  I ignored the local colour, screwed up my eyes and just painted the darker tones.

Then when that was dry I started putting in some local colour straight over the dark tonal mix.  In the photo below the masking fluid is still on.
More tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Work in progress on the daffodils”

  1. Hi Ann, soo thrilled to see your WIP tonight..i love your step by steps, and just the inspiration im needing!! it looks lovely, as im sure it will be, soo really looking forward to tomorrow now…Welldone, and thankyou for sharing youre wonderful talent.


  2. Hi Polly, thanks for calling in. Yes, I'm quite keen to get on with this painting today. Let's hope the demo in Paris is peaceful and we can all be happy and not be glued to 24 hour news!


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