New Year and the Best of Intentions

One of my intentions this year is to write often about what I’m doing on my blog and share my daily routine as well as hints and tips about what I’m painting currently.

There are two things that we should be grateful for in this life, I reckon…first that we have changing seasons to renew our enthusiasm and love of nature and the world around us,

and second,

that we have the start of a new year every 365 days to mark the best of intentions for the future.  A fresh start, lovely!

So today felt like the start of something new and I had a burst of enthusiasm for painting.

Goodness knows I have a lot to get on with as I’m going to do an exhibition in early March at the Nottingham Society of Artists gallery.  I’m sharing the space with John Pooler for a week.

There usually is a painting or two lying around waiting to be finished and so today I finished these two which had been vain attempts to get going again after a fallow period.

Anyway here they are

Daisies by the Water
Roses and Buds
My next project will be to do a large painting if Irises that I have had the drawing prepared for since last year!  I need one or two large statements for the exhibition.  So looking forward to that.  I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “New Year and the Best of Intentions”

  1. I've been following you for some time, and I'm so pleased you will be sharing more tips and paintings. I'm still only a beginner in water colour painting, so I'm really looking forward to what you have in store.


  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for following. I do appreciate your interest. Things are going great so far, been in the studio today, yay! Hope you will find things to help you pursue your art goals.


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