Clematis Demo drawing…YouTube demo reaches 40,000 views, let’s celebrate!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas break and that, like me you are feverishly making plans to restart back at the gym and stocking up on lettuce!

 Rosalie on facebook asked me if there was a drawing available for the clematis demo on YouTube.

Coincidentally, I wandered over to my YouTube page and saw that there have been exactly 40,000 views in total of my videos there.  Yay, I am so glad people are enjoying the demos.

To celebrate I am offering the drawing here for you to download to help you practise the techniques.  Hopefully then you can have another  go using the techniques with your own original design

( A Polite Reminder!  It is copyright and any work done directly from this drawing and the demos on youtube must be credited to me.  Something like “from a painting demo by Ann Mortimer”  Thank you!)

Thank you so much for your interest and your support.  I really appreciate your company on my “art journey”.  In fact I wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for you all  being there and being so positive.

Happy New Year everyone!

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