Back home and September means a new beginning…

I have finally got around to posting here after our trip to the USA.

We had a great time in Seattle and Port Townsend, WA.  We spent time with our daughter and son in law and, as it was our first ever trip to the USA, went around looking in awe at the tremendous sense of space and hugeness in that big country.

Now back to work and art and first of all THE BOOKS!  Tax returns do not fill in themselves and so this is what is taking my time at the moment.


September is nearly with us with all it’s sense of a new “term”, a new beginning, new uniform, a new series of “Strictly” on the telly and all that…you know what I mean!

So I thought I would upload a step by step for anyone who wants to have a go at something new. Colourful Anemones!

This is actually one of the step by steps I have published in a leaflet with the written instructions, colours to use etc..

For today though here are the photo and drawing to have a look at and an example of the finished painting.

I’ll upload the different stages to help you paint this next time.

By the way, the glass vase is one of the projects that I paint on my DVD.  So there’s a reason to send for it!


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