In production mode again…the paint is flowing!

If I haven’t posted here recently, it’s because, for a change I’ve been busy PAINTING!

I thought I would share some of the work produced.

First of all the Sissinghurst lilies which were not without their problems, but I overcame most of them.  I was painting this some of the time in the seaside apartment and being wonderfully distracted by the sea view.  Not an excuse, you  understand!

Painting the Lilies
I was pleased with the end result although I realised halfway through that I had got bogged down in an over detailed background.  I simplified it as best I could, and this included sponging out and water being poured on it!  and here is the finished result.  
Lilies…finished painting
I then decided that I should finish the Clematis Montana painting started in April.  And that was quite enjoyable too.  
Clematis Montana and Ivy
Those ivy leaves were good fun to do.
And then the day before yesterday my eye was caught by the buttery coloured Day Lilies that were soaking up the sun in the garden.  So I took some photos and one of them had the light effect I was looking for where the tops of the flowers were bleached out by the very strong sunshine.  I imagined that against a dark background and was inspired.  Isn’t it always the same, that you wait months for inspiration and then several inspiring subjects come along at once, just like buses!
This is what inspired me
My Painting finished yesterday
I was encouraged by some pals on facebook to do a looser less finished version and so I did.
Hope you like this little gallery…

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