Sales at Chichester and a stay of execution for the studio…

The Society of Floral Painters Chichester Exhibition came to an end this weekend and we went off to collect my unsold work.  Was so pleased to find that I had sold three out of the four paintings I submitted, plus some prints, cards, books and DVDs.

Stewarding with Suzanne, Sarah and Fiona at the SFP Chichester Exhibition

I had a great time stewarding on Saturday 24 May with Susan, Sarah and Fiona.  It was so good to be able to spend time among the lovely work on show, talk to visitors and to see Sarah Morrish demonstrating her botanical painting skills.  Thanks Sarah,  Suzanne and Fiona for being great company for the day.
It’s sometimes frustrating being up in the frozen North when there is so much happening here down South.  Spending time here on the South coast has been great for feeling more in touch with cultural aspects, not least of which is being able to visit some of the lovely National Trust gardens around East Sussex. 

The house sale was proving too difficult to organise and is no longer happening so I have my studio for a bit longer!  We hope to film another DVD at the end of the summer and I’m glad I will still have the perfect venue for filming.

Now I’m looking for ideas as to what to cover in this next DVD…any requests anyone?

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