My DVD reviewed in Leisure Painter magazine…have you seen it?

Review of my DVD in the June issue of Leisure Painter magazine
Have you seen the review of my DVD in Leisure Painter this month?  It’s on Page 54 of the June issue and is very nice and positive…
”The instruction is excellent and very clearly explained, with good filming of all stages of the painting (…) so that you are itching to have a go yourself.”
Thank you Leisure Painter!
The web address where you can order the DVD at the end of the review is wrongly printed though.  So be sure to use this correct one:
To issues of a more domestic nature…our house is up for sale in West Bridgford and along with it my lovely studio!  It will be a wrench to leave both the house, which has been happy and sunny for our family, and the studio where I have had many moments of inspiration, joy and laughter with students who have come to my courses.

My studio
But in life if you do not keep moving forward, you go backwards, and I think it’s important to invite new adventures and challenges into your life in order to keep fresh and interested!
Painting is even more on the back burner now as I show people round the house and spend a lot of time tidying up!  But I feel the creative juices stirring nevertheless and I shall get into that studio this coming week.

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