Backlit subjects…be an opportunist with camera at the ready.

One of the good things about Winter is the way the sun is low in the sky in the afternoon and creeps down and lights your subject from behind.  When I see this happening as I walk out into the garden, I run inside, grab my camera and take a photo.

That’s how I caught these primroses being backlit and hoped that it would provide a good subject to paint with lots of contrast and drama.

With tiny flowers like this, it’s difficult to paint them from life in the garden and so a photo opens up all sorts of possibilities.  The shadows on the flowers and leaves can be fully understood and observed.  We are so lucky to have this extra help with painting these days.

I liked the way this painting turned out.  I think it shows how you can go very dark with your background while retaining the dramatic light in the main subject.

As with everything in this game you have to paint what you see and be brave with the shadows within the flowers.  Hope you like it!

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