Posting worldwide…

Finished painting of white flowers on my DVD Watercolour Techniques by Ann Mortimer

We sent off copies of my new DVD yesterday to far flung places the USA, Hong Kong, Canada and Italy.

We sent the NTSC version to the USA and Canada and the PAL version elsewhere as there are two different compatibility types worldwide.

Amazing how the worldwide web makes these things possible.

I watched the whole DVD for the first time on my large television screen.  Never too comfortable watching yourself but I wanted to see what everyone would see.  I was happy.

My thoughts are now turning to other projects for further films, some of which will be available free on line.

There is nothing better than seeing someone actually applying the paint in front of you, and watching the nature of the brush strokes and the use of water and pigment.  I have always loved to watch others paint and the DVD answers this need perfectly.  I’d love to share my tried and tested watercolour techniques with you!

Please head over to my website

and click on the DVD page to find out how to order through PayPal.

or email me at

7 thoughts on “Posting worldwide…”

  1. Thanks Polly, nice to have you visiting. But I'm surprised you've found the time as you produce so many lovely watercolours! 🙂 I loved the A to Z idea.
    Well let's hope that the people who have ordered the DVD will enjoy it and find it useful. Ann x


  2. Hi Ann,
    My daughter ordered your DVD for me in NJ, USA. Just want to tell you how wonderful it is! I've watched the chapter on painting white flowers, full of good information. Can't wait to start my own daffodils!


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