DVD arriving tomorrow…dispatch imminent!

I’ve just heard from the company who are producing our DVDs that they have been dispatched to arrive tomorrow, Friday.  Exciting!
I will be sending them off straight away to the people who have already ordered.  It will be a bit later than we intended but I will email to tell everyone that their DVD has been dispatched.
We are ensuring that the correct version of the DVD will be sent to the different countries.  We have the NTSC version for the USA and Japan and PAL for the rest of the world.
Remember that if you want to order the DVD, the only way is via my website.
If you go into the DVD page on the main menu, you will see a button saying “BUY NOW”.  Click on that and you will be given clear instructions as to how to order and pay through Paypal. 
If you don’t have a Paypal account you can open one very easily.  It is a useful thing to have as Paypal is internationally recognised as a safe and trusted way to pay for all sorts of things on line.
But don’t worry if you are in the UK and feel this is not for you because you can pay by cheque by contacting me personally via the website or by emailing me on
I will email you and give you an address to send your cheque.  
So don’t lose out, order today.  It really is good value at £12 plus p and p for nearly two hours of painting tuition which you can come back to again and again.
Here’s the third excerpt I promised you…

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