Autumn, beautiful Autumn…

I’ve been posting a lot of my facebook page.

I really wish more people I know were on Facebook.  It’s a really sociable place for artists like us to share thoughts and discuss issues in Art.  When I post something on facebook, I tend to think I have written a blog post which is why I haven’t been posting a lot lately.  I have to say I do enjoy the immediacy of facebook where people respond with a “like” (thumbs up) and leave a comment.

Anyway I’ve got around to posting here at last.  My mind is full of Autumn at the moment.  I have been out foraging in the hedgerows down by the nearby Grantham canal.

Here’s a little set up telling the story of what I love about Autumn.  
I have done a few workshops over the last week or two.
The autumn fruits on got me painting a new blackberries composition.  Here are the WIPs.
I love painting those juicy fruits and the changing  leaves allow you to go mad with the colours.
Also love the challenge of depicting a tangly bramble hedge with chinks of light shining through.

5 thoughts on “Autumn, beautiful Autumn…”

  1. Thanks for the step by step Ann. I really enjoyed seeing how you worked through this especially the vibrancy of your first washes. As to FB sometimes it is nice just to get away from it and come to Blogland where things are done at a much calmer distanced pace perhaps. 🙂


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