Suddenly it’s all go…

Last year’s pen and wash sketch of an old characterful building
 in lovely Cromford

I was in the studio bright and early this morning.  Suddenly there’s lots to do and think about.  I’ve been lulled into a sense of time stretching out endlessly as it used to feel in the school holidays as a child.

There’s my residential course in Derbyshire coming up soon in September. This is the second course I’ve run this year with the help of daughter Sophie. She’s providing relaxing yoga and massage to complement my art instruction and coming all the way from Seattle where she lives to do it!

We had a great time in June with 12 artists joining us and some gorgeous weather and I can’t wait for the next one.  Three days of a relaxing hotel stay, delicious meals provided and nothing to think about but our art.

There were dog roses in full bloom outside the studio.  A quick sketch in watercolour.
So that’s coming up in three weeks.  But before then I’m going to be doing some DVDs of my painting techniques which I’ll make available on line.  Several people have asked if I’ve done any DVDs and the answer is no, until now.
If anyone who reads this blog has any ideas as to what they would like me to demonstrate, well I’m open to suggestions.  Backgrounds, negative painting, painting white flowers?
Yesterday I was trying out some mixed media work, using inks, oil pastels and other texture media.  Had a splashy time!

Mixed media study of another Cromford scene.

3 thoughts on “Suddenly it’s all go…”

  1. Ann, so looking forward to your on-line dvd! All of those 3 would be very much appreciated! If I could get even somewhere close to your beautiful work, I would be one very happy girl!


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