Leisure painter article step by step Slipper Orchid Reference Photo

To those people who have found their way to this blog via the February Leisure painter article


I hope you will follow this blog and my other one on Watercolour techniques….(find the link in the right hand column.)  Why not become a member?  You can fix it so that you get email notification of new blog posts I think.

If you want to have a go at this step by step, it’s always helpful to have a photo, so I have posted the photo reference that I used.  It’s a photo I took in an orchid nursery.  Please feel free to download it for reference purposes.  You can enlarge it on the screen by clicking on it.

The book has other projects.  I think my favourite is the pansy style orchid that features on the front cover.
I will be uploading photos of the other projects later on.

Enjoy!  Tell me how you get on by putting a comment after this post.

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