Leisure painter article step by step Slipper Orchid Reference Photo

To those people who have found their way to this blog via the February Leisure painter article


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If you want to have a go at this step by step, it’s always helpful to have a photo, so I have posted the photo reference that I used.  It’s a photo I took in an orchid nursery.  Please feel free to download it for reference purposes.  You can enlarge it on the screen by clicking on it.

The book has other projects.  I think my favourite is the pansy style orchid that features on the front cover.
I will be uploading photos of the other projects later on.

Enjoy!  Tell me how you get on by putting a comment after this post.

New book…Ready to Paint Orchids in watercolour

Just received some complementary copies of my new book from Search Press.  I’m excited about this!
The book has my original drawings produced as tracings so that you can have a head start with your painting.

I’m pleased with the cover…the pansy style orchids which are called Miltonias look so pretty, even though I say it myself!

It’s available on Amazon to order. I will soon have signed copies for sale.

Welcome SFP visitors!

Just in case any SFP members have read the newsletter this month and the piece about blogs, etc. that I wrote….welcome!

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