Sunny Pink Hollyhock and plans for Spring

I enjoyed painting this hollyhock with the cast shadows and the lovely deep pink centres the other day.  It didn’t take long as it is small format at 26 cm x 17 cm.  I just wanted to capture those shadows!

Latest news is that I am having my operation in early January and so with any luck should be recovered by late March 2013 ready to start some classes again.  I will let you know as soon as I have some definite dates.

My new book…Ready to Paint Orchids in Watercolour

My new book…available on Amazon for pre order

There was sudden excitement the day before yesterday when a post suddenly popped up on the facebook Search Press page announcing that the book I’ve been working on had arrived in the Search Press offices.  It’s a sign of the times that everyone else hears about it (through social media) before me!
But yesterday, 24 hours later, I received my copy of the book.  I’m pleased with it.
It’s a very practical book in which I show you how to paint some well known orchid varieties with step by step instructions.  There are even tracings included with the book.  These are my drawings that you can transfer straight on to your watercolour paper which lets you get down to painting without delay. Perfect!