Autumn Hawthorn berries with Centre of England Arts

Yesterday I taught a workshop at the new Centre of England Arts in Meriden near Birmingham created and managed by Julie Hyde.
I had a lovely day with the group and I promised to post the photos we used and my finished painting to refer to so they could finish their paintings and/or have another go at it

And here’s a similar painting with a lighter background

There you are.  You can make the images bigger by clicking on them.


Tuesday group’s Japanese Anemones

Here’s what the Tuesday group have been up to.  We studied Japanese Anemones  since they were out in the garden and Susan, Helen, Ann, Tricia, Christine and Jane made a wonderful job of capturing the particular character of these flowers.  Some of them aren’t quite finished, but even so they create a great little exhibition of paintings.  I’m proud!  Well done everyone!

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Introductory Beginners Taster Day workshops… two new dates

Because I had to cancel the beginners workshop on 13 October, I’m offering two more dates for those who would like to come to a day’s workshop in my West Bridgford garden studio trying out watercolour techniques and covering the basics of this fascinating medium.

You will go away with some work that you will be proud of and which will make you astonished at your own skill!  You’ll work hard but it will be fun!

Saturday 3 November 2012 10am til 5pm

Saturday 10 November 2012 10am til 5pm

Hawthorn catching the sun

I’ve uploaded a watercolour I finished yesterday from a photo I took last year of hawthorn berries.  They’re adorning the hedges again with their bright jewel colours…love this time of year!

Pink speckled orchids, Wednesday group paintings

The Wednesday group have done some fantastic paintings of the pink speckled orchid subject.

The Wednesday group’s finished paintings

The special wow factor of this subject was the backlighting effect and they have all succeeded I think in producing vibrant paintings that have light shining through them. They have all produced nice clean, loose washes in their backgrounds which set off the orchid spray beautifully.   Well done Margaret, Anne, Molly, Maureen and Linda!  (Sue was on holiday.)

Click on the image for a larger view.