With the Tuesday group we are looking at Clematis growing on a trellis and this is the painting that I made of the subject a while back.  The group need the painting to refer to as they finish their paintings at home this week.  They’re coming along beautifully!

4 thoughts on “”

  1. Hi Ann,
    This is a lovely painting and it looks like your students are coming on leaps and bounds under your excellent tuition. Is it because you are so busy teaching that you're not posting so many of your beautiful paintings on Redbubble any more? I've contacted you there before, but I am quite new to the site, and don't really know my way around it yet, so I wonder if I'm missing something?
    Jacki Stokes


  2. Hi Jacki,
    No you're right, I haven't been posting much lately. Thanks for calling in!
    It's life getting in the way! Family stuff, classes, garden, all these things seem to require a lot of attention at the moment. I'm getting back into it any time now though.
    I haven't even been looking around much on RB which I miss as there is so much fabulous art on there. so see you soon on RB!
    Best Wishes,


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