Wednesday Group Tulip magic!

With my Wednesday group I decided to tackle what was a very inspirational subject…a patch of tulips in my garden backlit by the sun with lovely contrast and complicated cast shadows both in the flowers and the leaves.

I couldn’t resist it and they were all up for having a go!
And we all enjoyed the subject. It was exciting…emails were being exchanged about how great a subject it was proving. I was amazed!

But it did provide huge challenges.
For instance the colours. The reds and oranges against the dark green foliage and background were beautiful, but so hard to keep clean and fresh. We all know what happens to green and red when they mix…potential mud!
And then the cast shadows on the tulips, making for a wonderful backlit effect, but so hard to render them naturally and cleanly in watercolour. It was essential to save the light represented by the yellows and the sparkles of white on both leaves and petals and at the same time put in the delicious dark blues and greens which would provide the tonal contrast.
But look how beautifully they have risen to the challenge! See how their tulips stand out against the background and the sense of depth they have created amongst the leaves.
Bravo Sue, Anne, Linda, Margaret, Molly and Maureen. Even in their unfinished and unmounted state, they are beautiful paintings!
Click on the photo for an enlarged view.

The Tuesday group’s primrose paintings.

Goodness! it’s been well over a month since I posted here. I’ve been busy with teaching. I arrange my classes in blocks of eight weeks and we’re in the middle of a block right now. So the time goes in preparing and trying out projects, painting the subjects I am going to be asking the course members to have a go at.

I wanted to show you the work of my Tuesday group, many of whom are last years’ beginners and people with not a lot of experience in watercolour.
Am I proud! Their primrose paintings are wonderful!