Spring Primroses…finished my demo piece

Here’s the painting from last Saturday’s workshop.

I’m aware more than ever this year of how these flowers seem to appear from nowhere in the garden. They start as a tiny insignificant plant and grow very quickly into a pretty little clump with the creamy yellow flowers showing themselves off proudly against the cold dark February soil.
It takes years to understand and appreciate and know how to paint these flowers…this year I feel as if I’m doing them far greater justice than I did last year. I’ve tried to portray the delicacy of their petals one against the other and their translucency.
So glad we have the seasons so that our knowledge of every flower can be renewed and consolidated each year when they reappear.

7 thoughts on “Spring Primroses…finished my demo piece”

  1. Such beautiful texture. I only just discovered you through Red Bubble and have spent the last few minutes admiring your lovely work.

    This one in particular caught my eye. Such light!

    Best wishes,


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