Spring Primroses…finished my demo piece

Here’s the painting from last Saturday’s workshop.

I’m aware more than ever this year of how these flowers seem to appear from nowhere in the garden. They start as a tiny insignificant plant and grow very quickly into a pretty little clump with the creamy yellow flowers showing themselves off proudly against the cold dark February soil.
It takes years to understand and appreciate and know how to paint these flowers…this year I feel as if I’m doing them far greater justice than I did last year. I’ve tried to portray the delicacy of their petals one against the other and their translucency.
So glad we have the seasons so that our knowledge of every flower can be renewed and consolidated each year when they reappear.

Early Spring Flowers workshop

Well there may only have been five of us, but we had a good time painting primroses and ended up with a clearer understanding of how to portray these little creamy yellow flowers with their delicate petals and knobbly leaves.

Had a lovely lunch with a glass of wine in the sunny conservatory and could have stayed there all afternoon…but there was work to be done!
Here are the paintings, unfinished but looking good…well done everyone!
Click on the photo for a bigger version.

Possible Beginner’s class/workshop

As a postscript to my update on Spring Courses yesterday…

Are you a BEGINNER ready to start on your watercolour journey?
I have had one or two phone calls from people who want to take up watercolour and I’ve been saying that the courses/ classes are for experienced painters.
But I want to welcome beginners…I love starting afresh with people who have still to discover the joys of this medium.
Email me or give me a ring as I may well do a beginner’s class if I get at least four people interested. Or I might even run a day workshop for beginners where we can do an introduction to the main techniques and learn about the materials required.
So don’t be put off by the fact that the Tuesday course is full…get in touch!

Update on Spring courses

Just to keep you up to date on the Availability of courses and day workshops this Spring.

Tuesday class 8 week course starting Mar 13 Now full
Wednesday class 8 week course starting Mar 14 Only 1 place remaining
Day Workshops with lunch provided
25 Feb Early Spring Flowers 2 places remaining
24 March Spring Flowers 2 places remaining
21 April Early Clematis 4 places remaining on each of these.
26 May Bluebell Time
All the projects will be new. I will not be repeating old projects.
For the courses that become full, I will put people on a waiting list, so please do still enquire and let me know if you are interested.
If you want to come to the Feb and/or March workshop with a friend, now’s the time to get in touch!

Search this blog gadget installed

Oh wow! This IT thing keeps surprising me! Was just looking for something (Primroses) that I knew I had put on this blog somewhere and it was taking ages to trawl through the archive on the info section on the right hand side.

So I looked through the gadgets and found a Blog Search which I’ve installed, just there on the right. Typed in primroses and the step by step sequence I was looking for came up straight away.
Amazing! Well it is to me!
So you could try typing in anything that interests you in the flower line and I might have done something on it.
A friend just got in touch asking about the rose painting in the title header of my other blog
and I referred her to some works in progress that I had uploaded in May 2010.
So if you want to see that, just type in Nevada Rose in the search box and see what happens!