Happy New Year!

Well it’s New Year’s Day 2012 and I wish everyone a good year with good health, lots of artistic inspiration and all around positivity and joy!

It’s raining and windy but not too cold…in fact unseasonably mild, but I’m sitting here in the studio at 16.30 and it’s pitch dark outside. Which presents problems if you want to photograph work at this time of year. You have to plan things so that you do any photography early on in the day if you want to catch the daylight.
I’m working on the Painting orchids book and I am at the point of being able to send the proposed demo pieces to Search Press, the publishers. But I need to photograph them all and the drawings and today I missed the light. It’ll have to be tomorrow now.
So frustrating not being able to show you what I’ve been doing. I’m quite pleased with the paintings and I love the bright colours and exotic shapes of the orchids.
The garden is in its brown/ grey Winter state but there are signs of life, snowdrops poking through and other bulbs pushing up through the dark cold earth.
But one plant is making a brave face of it…the Winter jasmine with its starry yellow flowers brightening the North facing side of the shed where it grows. I’ve up loaded a painting I did last year where I was wanting to depict the tangle of branches and leaves and the yellow stars shining out.

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