Orchids ‘R’ Us…Getting down to work on the new book.

Orchid mania is rife in my house at the moment. I’ve started work in earnest on the book I’m doing for Search Press in the Ready to Paint series.

Orchids were not flowers I knew much about before about four months ago…but I’ve learned such a lot about them and I’ve begun to understand why they are loved by so many people. They are amazingly various in colour and form and grow in tropical forests as well as in English meadows and woodlands.
I’m having a great time researching and poring over pictures in books and on line and waiting for inspiration to come, which it does, often, out of the blue. I’m at the stage of working out the designs for the step by step projects in the book. And actually I am spoilt for choice as there are so many varieties and different forms of this flower.
I painted a still life today and the inspiration for a simple background came suddenly to me during the night. And I was raring to go today having completed the drawing yesterday and I finished the painting early afternoon. But I can’t show it to you! I have to keep it all under wraps of course. So I’m just posting a photo of my desk today as I was feverishly painting one picture while allowing another one to dry.