Poster fun

Thought I would share this with you…a theatre group asked to use my painting for a poster for their production. I was very pleased to say yes, and here it is. The production was well attended apparently and I’m sure they wont mind me showing you the finished poster.

Arnold Hill craft fair 15/16 October 2011

I’m going to be taking my cards, some prints, paintings etc. to exhibit at Arnold Hill School craft fair, Nottingham on Sat 15/16 Oct. I thought I would use the opportunity to sell some of my vast stock of cards at knock down prices and also tell people about my weekly classes which I will be continuing next March 2012.

If you’re in the vicinity, hope to see you there, come and say hello!
Good chance to look around for stocking fillers…I didn’t actually mention Christmas…whoops! now I have, so sorry!!!
Oh well might as well go the whole hog and upload a Christmas scene! Ha!

Any Alison House photos to share?… and getting a perspective on things.

I’m feeling refreshed now after the weekend…we did put a lot into our painting course, all of us. I think we were all pretty drained with the effort of producing such a lot of excellent work. But you have to put a lot in to get a lot out!

Just wondering whether any of the course members have photos they’d like to share?.. I know the cameras were clicking! Please Email any you would like me to put on the blog for everyone to see.

I’m going to look at perspective with my class tomorrow. You can’t ignore it…it is the bugbear of many an artist, student or not, but better to face it and welcome it as a friend! Has to be said that any painting involving buildings will look tons better if the perspective is convincing. And unlike with many aspects of watercolour painting which are intuitive and based on spontaneity, this thing called perspective can be learned. There are rules, and you just have to understand how it works and then draw and draw, doodle and play, draw cubes with vanishing points and more cubes after that and eventually the penny will drop! Trust me!
I’ve uploaded a painting I did a few years ago now which involves perspective. The hollyhocks are the main subject but it was important that the perspective was right so as not to distract the viewer’s eye from the main interest.

October painting course in Cromford

Well once again we had amazing weather for our October painting course at Alison House. Below is our wonderful view from the studio…I’m pretty sure that there aren’t many painting venues that can match that view…It makes the artist’s spirit soar!

We had a great time and as you see by the amount of work posted on the studio windows, a fruitful time too. Everyone worked so hard at their painting but ate, drank and laughed a lot as well. Thanks everyone for making it all so thoroughly enjoyable! Here’s to the next time!

Cromford here we come!

The morning of the first day of my second residential painting course at Alison House, Cromford, Derbyshire. When we will spend Monday to Thursday thinking of nothing but painting and enjoying ourselves, no worries apart from having to change the painting water now and again.

I am so ready to go that I have time to write a quick post. The weather has been amazing over the last few days…long, soft, golden Autumn days. It’s turning now unfortunately, but we will be studio based so nice and comfortable out of the weather while surrounded by lovely countryside and garden views out of the studio windows.
The leaves caught my attention and I’ve decided to do Autumn…nothing is more inspiring to a watercolourist than those Autumn colours of reds, siennas and golds. Great opportunity for using texture too and letting go with the splatters, vibrant inks and generally having a fun time.
Above is the sort of thing that we’ll be looking at…
Must be off now. I have a car to load up!