Come back sunshine…..all is forgiven.

Ohhh, I wish we still had the sunshine of last week! The world has gone all atonal and dull and it’s so chilly!

I’ve posted a little texture exercise that I demonstrated on the course last week, just to have something to decorate this blog entry!

After the excitement of last week’s course in Derbyshire, I am now putting my mind to the weekly classes that start next week. Beginners or “restarters” on Tuesday morning and Experienced painters on Wednesday.
I still have one space on the Experienced painters session, so anyone out there wanting to have a weekly friendly painting session where you can forget the outside world and immerse yourself in some interesting projects, please get in touch!
I’m excited about the beginners. As is often the case with watercolour, I don’t feel that I ever had, years ago when I started studying it seriously, a proper initiation into its secrets and special charms. I fell straight into doing full paintings tending to just draw and colour in rather than exploiting the full potential of this glorious medium.
Through reading loads of books and watching artists I admired, I gradually picked up different nuggets of information and of course gradually realised what it could actually do when I gave it its head and let it do its own thing.
I’m looking forward to helping people have a proper respect for this dynamic medium right from the start. Can’t wait!

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