Japanese anemone in the sunshine

It was lovely and sunny this afternoon and the Japanese anemones looked so white and bright in the sunshine. I did this watercolour of a single flower showing the cast shadows over the petals. These flowers never fail to please every year and I never tire of painting them. This is a small painting, less than A4, finished in less than an hour.

8 thoughts on “Japanese anemone in the sunshine”

  1. Thanks for that Deborah. Yeah…that would be good a really huge painting. I can't do them though..I have to do them about the correct size! Doesn't seem right otherwise! Lol.


  2. Hi Ann, I'm like you in that I love painting small! Normally I love painting snow over anything summer, but I can really see the appeal of these little flowers. It's gorgeous and painting the cast shadows on the white petals would be simlar to painting shadows on snow. I'll have to find myself some Japanese Anemones to try it out. Thanks for posting. 🙂


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