Ready to roll…

Well there is the evidence of several day’s work! Doesn’t look much I know, but here is my stuff ready to take to Patchings tomorrow. I’m amazed myself at how deeply unimpressive this looks! Just as well I posted those photos below of the stand over the last few years.

It’s good fun being able to share this years festival with you on this blog, something I’ve never done before. I’m determined this year to enjoy it, take my time, look around, talk to people. It’s always been a very serious affair in my mind, but this year it’ll be different…I’m going to chill and be more relaxed.
I always enjoy the painting part, the demonstrating that I do as part of the deal. It’s a really good opportunity to sit down and paint with no interruptions for shopping, housework, phone calls and with a genuinely interested audience to make it worthwhile.
I’ll be happy at around lunchtime tomorrow when the stand is set up and we can start enjoying the event.

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