Spanish painting holiday!

This is looking quite a way ahead but I’m looking forward already to going on my Spanish Painting Holiday with Sue Sareen, my friend and artist colleague.

She has been running holidays at this venue for several years now and this Andalucian finca/hotel has gone from strength to strength as a beautiful and relaxing place to paint and enjoy the wonderful mountain scenery of the nearby National Park.
Take a look for yourself. Sue has just returned from her first course this year and couldn’t stop praising the place…especially the food!
I figure that late October will be just right for me. I don’t like it too hot, especially when I’m trying to paint. And apparently the longer shadows at that time of year make for some wonderful compositions.
I can’t think of a better way to spend a few days than with keen painters out to have a good time while enjoying wonderful Spanish scenery and hospitality. Can’t wait!
By the way she still has spaces!
Sue’s website with holiday details:

A successful outing to Basingstoke

Yay! Three paintings sold at the SFP exhibition at The Vyne near Basingstoke. So it was worth the double round trip to Basingstoke.

I never did get to see the exhibition itself as we had to return home on the handing in day and of course everything had been taken down when we went to collect the unsold paintings from a nearby community centre which was the handing out point.
Such are the vagaries of exhibiting. Unless you have endless leisure time and endless financial resources, you don’t get to enjoy the exhibition yourself.
But the day was made all the more worthwhile as husband and I met up with a good friend of ours for lunch.
I’ve posted one of the paintings that sold, my Blackberries and Hawthorn watercolour.

Patchings Festival…having a great time!

Patchings is well and truly underway and the weather has been kind..ish so far. Thought I would post the main painting I have on display there at the moment…better than a pile of bags ready to be loaded into the car!

I’ve been enjoying demoing and talking to loads of artist friends and student mates. The courses are filling up fast as well. Bring on tomorrow and Sunday when it’s the turn of the general public as opposed to art groups who tend to make up the majority of visitors on Thursday and Friday.
Must go…have to print out more course brochures for tomorrow!

Ready to roll…

Well there is the evidence of several day’s work! Doesn’t look much I know, but here is my stuff ready to take to Patchings tomorrow. I’m amazed myself at how deeply unimpressive this looks! Just as well I posted those photos below of the stand over the last few years.

It’s good fun being able to share this years festival with you on this blog, something I’ve never done before. I’m determined this year to enjoy it, take my time, look around, talk to people. It’s always been a very serious affair in my mind, but this year it’ll be different…I’m going to chill and be more relaxed.
I always enjoy the painting part, the demonstrating that I do as part of the deal. It’s a really good opportunity to sit down and paint with no interruptions for shopping, housework, phone calls and with a genuinely interested audience to make it worthwhile.
I’ll be happy at around lunchtime tomorrow when the stand is set up and we can start enjoying the event.