Patchings…festival fever!

Just got my exhibitors pack for Patchings Art Festival this morning with parking passes, stand layout, and various paraphernalia which tells me it’s coming very soon.

No matter how many times I tell myself,
“Well you know, this is no big deal, hey it’s just a few marquees in a field”…
I can’t help the excitement building. Because I secretly know that this IS a big deal! I know that there will be scores of massive art society hired coaches lined up in the car park, crowds jostling for a look at the hundreds of stands and that there will be some serious art celebrity presence there.
This is my seventh year at this event. This is the event where in 2005 I turned professional publicly, this is the event where the commissioning editor at Search Press asked me to write a book and the editor of Leisure Painter has commissioned articles, this is the event where every year I meet up with artist friends and share experiences of the ups and downs of being a working painter and tutor. I can’t wait!
Click on this link to see what I’m talking about

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