Paintings delivered and thoughts of Autumn term courses.

This is a recent photo of the studio and garden…more details below about new courses here in the Autumn…

We delivered the paintings into the capable hands of the SFP hanging committee for the Spring Exhibition in Basingstoke yesterday. There and back in a day, it was quite a journey, especially with the M1 being closed in two places!

The volunteers of the SFP do a great job in organising these exhibitions. It’s a thankless task, I fear, but we are all very grateful for the opportunity to exhibit and I for one say a warm thank you for their efforts.
Patchings in a week or so… but in the meantime I’ve been thinking about starting up some studio painting courses from this September. I’ve spent the year so far reassessing and pondering the way forward as all artists do from time to time, I think. But now I’m ready to embark on some new ventures.
So look out for news in the next few days of courses I’m going to run in my studio here in West Bridgford, Nottingham. This is a good time of year to plan new courses as I meet a lot of people at the Patchings Festival (9-12 June) and it’s a great opportunity to spread the word. But for readers of this blog, here is advance notification.
I’m going to run two courses, each with 6 places only, one for beginners/improvers and the other a weekly painting session for experienced painters.
The beginners course will be a back to basics exploration of watercolour techniques. It could be that you have never tried watercolour or have learned a certain amount, but feel you want to revisit the basic techniques now that you have had a go.
The experienced painters sessions will be an opportunity to paint alongside like minded people to explore different approaches with some guidance and feedback both from me and the others in the group.
I’ll be giving more details of these in future posts.
I will also be doing some Saturday workshops as before, a day long session with lunch provided. So look out for more on those too!
Any queries, drop me an email to

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