Patchings…festival fever!

Just got my exhibitors pack for Patchings Art Festival this morning with parking passes, stand layout, and various paraphernalia which tells me it’s coming very soon.

No matter how many times I tell myself,
“Well you know, this is no big deal, hey it’s just a few marquees in a field”…
I can’t help the excitement building. Because I secretly know that this IS a big deal! I know that there will be scores of massive art society hired coaches lined up in the car park, crowds jostling for a look at the hundreds of stands and that there will be some serious art celebrity presence there.
This is my seventh year at this event. This is the event where in 2005 I turned professional publicly, this is the event where the commissioning editor at Search Press asked me to write a book and the editor of Leisure Painter has commissioned articles, this is the event where every year I meet up with artist friends and share experiences of the ups and downs of being a working painter and tutor. I can’t wait!
Click on this link to see what I’m talking about

Autumn Courses and Workshops

Experienced Painters Sessions

Autumn 2011

8 Week Course

(6 Painters only)

in Ann’s garden studio in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Cost £96

Deposit £20 payable on booking

Balance payable by August 19

Wednesdays 9.30 – 12.00


Sept 7, 14, 21, 26

Oct 12, 19, 26

Nov 9

(Note: No session on 5 Oct and 2 Nov)

This will be an opportunity to paint with like minded people exploring different techniques, approaches and subject matter.

These are painting sessions rather than learning classes where the emphasis is on self motivation and self expression.

Ann will provide resources, guidance and feedback but painters can equally be free to pursue their own ideas and projects.

Price includes tea/coffee and biscuits

Beginners/Improvers Course

Autumn 2011

8 Week Course

(6 Painters only)

in Ann’s garden studio in West Bridgford, Nottingham

Cost £96

Deposit £20 payable on booking

Balance payable by August 19

Tuesdays 9.30 – 12.00


Sept 6, 13, 20, 27

Oct 11, 18, 25

Nov 8

(Note: No class on 4 Oct and 1 Nov)

This is a course for beginners or those who have already had a go and want to improve their techniques. Topics will include:

Laying a watercolour wash

Wet in Wet technique

Colour choice and mixing

Understanding Tones


Pigment to water ratio


Price includes tea/ coffee and biscuits

Day Workshops

Autumn 2011

Workshops will run on Saturdays from

10 am to 4.30pm

(6 Painters only)

Price includes a two course lunch with wine

with tea/coffee and biscuits throughout the day.

Cost £65

Deposit £20 on booking.

Balance payable on the day.


Sat 24 Sept Autumn Flowers

Sat 22 Oct Autumn Colours, Leaves, Fruits

Sat 12 Nov Painting the Winter landscape

So this is the deal with the Autumn studio courses. I’ve copied and pasted the info. from the brochure I made today.

Please drop me an email to if you have any queries.

Paintings delivered and thoughts of Autumn term courses.

This is a recent photo of the studio and garden…more details below about new courses here in the Autumn…

We delivered the paintings into the capable hands of the SFP hanging committee for the Spring Exhibition in Basingstoke yesterday. There and back in a day, it was quite a journey, especially with the M1 being closed in two places!

The volunteers of the SFP do a great job in organising these exhibitions. It’s a thankless task, I fear, but we are all very grateful for the opportunity to exhibit and I for one say a warm thank you for their efforts.
Patchings in a week or so… but in the meantime I’ve been thinking about starting up some studio painting courses from this September. I’ve spent the year so far reassessing and pondering the way forward as all artists do from time to time, I think. But now I’m ready to embark on some new ventures.
So look out for news in the next few days of courses I’m going to run in my studio here in West Bridgford, Nottingham. This is a good time of year to plan new courses as I meet a lot of people at the Patchings Festival (9-12 June) and it’s a great opportunity to spread the word. But for readers of this blog, here is advance notification.
I’m going to run two courses, each with 6 places only, one for beginners/improvers and the other a weekly painting session for experienced painters.
The beginners course will be a back to basics exploration of watercolour techniques. It could be that you have never tried watercolour or have learned a certain amount, but feel you want to revisit the basic techniques now that you have had a go.
The experienced painters sessions will be an opportunity to paint alongside like minded people to explore different approaches with some guidance and feedback both from me and the others in the group.
I’ll be giving more details of these in future posts.
I will also be doing some Saturday workshops as before, a day long session with lunch provided. So look out for more on those too!
Any queries, drop me an email to

An afternoon’s work

Here’s the result of my afternoon’s work today…six paintings framed. And there’re my paintings and cards ready for the SFP exhibition as well.

I decided to frame this little snowdrop painting for Patchings and have uploaded it here for you to have a look. I think that’s just about it. With the paintings I already have framed, I have enough material for my stand.
No more excuses, now!

Flowers in the Landscape

I’ve just uploaded this image on my Redbubble page, so thought I would share it with you here as well. I’ve entered it into a group challenge on the site where RB members can upload one of their images according to a challenge theme set by the group leader and people can vote for the image they think is best. All a bit of fun really.

I’ve been busy and have all my paintings, folios and cards ready for the SFP exhibition. Wrapped in bubblewrap and boxed, they sit in a pile on a table in the studio while I look at them smugly.
Not too smug though because I haven’t actually done any painting again so the dreaded creative dearth continues.
Trouble is I’ve got the June Patchings Festival to think about now! So I’ve been out buying frames this morning. So more handy displacement activity to put off the picking up of the brushes.
But this weekend I’m going to have a go at Acrylics with Sue Sareen, my original teacher and watercolour guru. That will be a laugh to try something new when I am so utterly entrenched in the watercolour method. Should be interesting. Might provide the needed impetus to get out of this torpor!!