The bells, the bells….

Reader, we went to the wood.

We took a trip out to Bunny Woods this morning. A mild windless air, still damp from last night’s rain shower greeted us as we entered the wood. There was birdsong in the calm and a woodpecker made its mad hammering noise in the distance. The predominant colour was green and we could see that the recent warm weather had made the undergrowth quite lush and that the bluebells were not as plentiful as in previous years.
But what this did was make us appreciate the other wild flowers, the herb Robert, the cow parsley, late primroses and wood anemones.
Further into the wood and up the hill apiece there were more bluebells and the familiar blue haze greeted us. You just have to stop and stare and even the best photograph cannot depict those clouds of lavender and lilac and electric blue. Just lovely!

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