Derbyshire Days….painting holiday research.

We went to Derbyshire last weekend to do a workshop with the keen painters of Matlock Art Society and to go to the painting holiday venue to have a look round.

When you go into a scenic part of the country such as the Derbyshire peak, you realise what you’re missing in terms of variety of subject matter to paint when you live in a suburban environment as I do! The ivy covered stone walls dividing the fields, the rolling hills, the stone cottages and majestic trees along the roadside…everywhere you look there is texture, variety of form and ready made compositions to render in whatever medium you choose.
On visiting ARKWRIGHTS MILL again, we saw how much the reconstruction had advanced and were amazed at the story told by the information boards dotted around the site. Amazed also at the size of the trout shimmying against the flow in the stream that passes through the site and the size and depth of the waterfall in the old waterwheel housing which used to provide the power to run the textile mill in the 19th century. The mill site is becoming a hub of activity with shops, craft and art studios and museums and a cafe.
We went on to the CANAL QUAY where materials used to be shipped in and out of Cromford. The old building by the canal has been carefully refurbished and now houses a cafe.
With the painting holidays in mind, and my intention to do some pen and wash work, I took some close ups of the craggy cliffs and WALLS in the mill area, covered with lichen, ivies and self seeded Spring flowers.
Before leaving Cromford we walked around the VILLAGE POND, passing by the famous second hand bookshop, Scarthins, and round by the working waterwheel at one end of the pond. The daffodils were out.
Its a little gem is Cromford… sober, modest, quiet but full of fascinating social history and understated beauty.

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