Love in a Mist … the Nigella challenge!

I have been having fun painting along with Barbara Glatzeder on Redbubble and we are looking at different approaches with watercolour.

I wouldn’t normally have tried painting this flower…in fact I’ve stared longingly at it in the garden and at photos I’ve taken of it in the past and thought “Nah! Much too hard” and moved on to something more attainable. But Barbara was doing Nigella and she challenged me to have a go.
If you click on the above link you will see Barbara’s Nigella paintings.
I enjoyed it although the cloud of ferny foliage is a bit of a challenge to summarise and it’s always difficult to get the blue right in blue flowers as they have a lot of pink in them and you can soon lose the light with trying too hard.
Below is a photo of them growing in the garden.

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