The irises at last!…Bird bath and Irises

Here’s the irises painting I started a week or so ago. I gave up on it, I was getting all precious and careful and so I did what I sometimes do and threw caution to the wind and quickly threw a dark background wash on it to see what happened, thinking it didn’t matter anyway as it was destined for the bin. But then I went on to something else….and the painting was lurking in a corner. So I had another go at it and here it is for better or worse.

4 thoughts on “The irises at last!…Bird bath and Irises”

  1. CheyAnne, so glad you like the colours.

    Deborah, happy that you saw the negative painting in the background

    and Kay, I'm glad you think the dark background actually makes the lightest bits look even lighter.

    I'm so pleased to read your comments…thanks for calling by. Ann x


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