Treestory …a film in the making

Treestory is a film that is in preparation by director Ward Serrill (Heart of the Game – Miramax). Watch the film preview on the website to get a taste of the sort of documentary it will be. My daughter Sophie happens to be married to Ward. They are trying to fund this film from donations as perhaps they feel that we all have an interest in, and sense of ownership about, trees. Anyway I hope you’ll have a look.

The painting is inspired by the new Forest, one I made a while ago in quite a loose way while having a bit of an art session with Sophie.

Who wants a Valentines card when you could plant a tree for your beloved instead?

3 thoughts on “Treestory …a film in the making”

  1. Ann, just came across your blog while looking for pics of clematis to draw. Your paintings so beautifully capture the delicacy and grace of nature. There is so much beauty around us, especially in the crumpled petal or asymmetrical trunk. I hope all goes wonderfully with Treestory. (I will check out the website next.) Those big trees are so strong and wise, full of the solace of time. Thanks for posting your work. If you ever come to Melbourne I hope you run a workshop. Fiona


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