Keeping track with a 2011 Flower Calendar

It’s the day after Boxing Day and the world, well my little bit of it anyway, is still in Christmas holiday mode. It’s a case of suspended animation with the days being so short still that there’s hardly time to do anything before dusk falls and then there’s family and friends to catch up with.

But 2011 is just around the corner, a brand new year and brand new exciting challenges. I thought I’d tell you about the 2011 calendars I’ve created on the redbubble site from a collection of my paintings.
If you’d like a collection of 12 good quality prints of my paintings on excellent quality thick card, then one of the calendars might be an idea. It’ll keep you up to date as well!
Click on the link below to have a look. You can scroll through to see a different print for each month of the year.
Or if you’re into landscape, there is the “Out and About with Ann Mortimer” calendar. Click on this link to view.

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