The North wind doth blow…

Hi all,

Sorry I have not posted for a while. It’s the time of year! I expect everyone is in the same boat, or should I say Department store, desperately looking for present ideas.
I’m posting this little robin who should cheer us all up. Medici cards used this image for a Christmas card this year. He came out of nowhere really, I didn’t even draw an outline, though I took some care to try and get the spade handle and snow and water droplets right. I did the robin wet in wet and left the feathers on the breast just to sort themselves out, adding the red wet in wet with thick paint to spread on its own.
I don’t often paint wildlife, but this robin seemed to emerge from the brush with a life of its own.

2 thoughts on “The North wind doth blow…”

  1. Can I please purchase your picture to use for a flyer for Library Storytime? I am a children's librarian and I work at Mounce Public Library in Bryan, Texas. Also, do you ever do children's picture book illustrations?


  2. Bobbee, in this one case I wouldn't mind you using the image as a one off for a library flyer as long as you print my name on it and give me credit.
    No I don't do illustrations. Glad you like the image!


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